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Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

Now if you know me IRL (in real life) you know I am extremely superstitious. I grew up with a very superstitious Grandma from "La Isla" (aka the Puerto Rican Island) so we had many many things we could and could not do (i.e. On New Years Eve you have to wear red underwear into the new year, if you are in PR for the new year you have to walk backwards into the ocean to leave the previous year behind, many locals do this so you won't be alone, you can't celebrate a birthday before the date only after, etc.) I am sure I drive my hubby crazy with these things.

The one thing I am not superstitious about is Friday the 13th! 13 has been a lucky number for me so I am hoping I get some good news today. About 2 weeks ago Mysti from told me about Autism day at
Sesame Place
in April (appropriate since April is Autism awareness month) so I applied and now I wait to see if we get the tickets. They give you four tickets and all you pay is $25.00 for parking. Last time we went we paid over $50 per ticket just to get it.

Also on the no spend front I failed already but at least not to badly. Now I know people do a no spend on anything but I like having a roof over my head so I paid rent and utilities but I would not spend on non necessities. Well I was driving by CVS and saw they were having a B1G1 free on certain meds. I ran out of my melatonin (of course now that I am having trouble sleeping), Tylenol (of course during THAT time of the month), and the kids Benadryl (during the height of allergy season) so despite having a no spend challenge I did buy us the meds we ran out of. I didn't feel too bad since I got 2 of the 4 meds for free and with the kids allergies especially Deet dee's Nut allergy I like to have a stock pile of this med all over the house, my purse, and diaper bag (never know when he will come in to contact with a nut). He also has an Epi pen in case the Benadryl doesn't work but that is if the Benadryl doesn't work fast enough. So if you look at it like that I guess these were necessities especially if you have ever had the "pleasure" of being around me when I haven't slept well the night before or suffering from cramps :-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Spend April

Nothing new or excited here but I did want to update that I am doing a no spend April. I did a no spend July last year and it was kind of fun/kind of torturous....seeing something I really want at a great price and not being able to buy it sucked but saving the cash was cool. During my no spend July I was able to save quite a bit in our E-fund (emergency fund) so looking at that balance bought me some joy.

Anyway this month was a little trickier to do since it's Easter and My Grandma's birthday plus I had a groupon that expired in April for a massage and facial. So I did all my shopping/pampering on March 30. I got my kids the trampoline their therapists have been recommending for forever as their Easter gift, my niece and nephew their Easter baskets and Grandma her gift and I got my massage/facial/nails done on Saturday (the spend part was the tips since the groupon paid for the services). I am now ready to tackle my first 2012 no spend month.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finally someone says it out loud!!

I have been there and know quite a few people looking for work. When I was looking for my now 2nd part time job I came across these same situations and always thought "Gee if you had been upfront with me I could have saved us both some time cause I am not interested in running your company for $8 an hour" or "why put it is a part time position when the hours are 9am-4pm" (that is only 1 hour shy of a full time job but I wouldn't call that part time).

This is personally one of my favorite blogs so I hope you enjoy the post!

Friday, March 23, 2012

And when it Rains it Pours!

TGIF! Seriously it's gonna take me at least 2 days to recover from today. It has been non stop OMG I need a drink NOW all day for me. I guess I shouldn't complain since these days are few and far between but wholey $hit.....

First I get to work and realize my water bottle opened in my Coach bag (Yes same bag it took me 2 years to decide to get and hasn't left my side since) and wet my keys and phone. Now usually the key thing wouldn't be terrible except my car is all remote, open, start, etc is all by a remote key and that was swimming in water. My phone is a touch screen and fairly new. Since my phone in water is brand new to me I took it all apart and put it in front of a fan while at my first job (oh yeah today is payroll at my second job so I go from 1 to the other..about 20 miles apart and don't get home till 4 when hubby leaves so no lunch together and no break before Tristan is off the bus and Cam is up from a nap). Anyway after 4 hours it turned on..another 2 hours I can make calls...2 more hours I can text. Key never had a problem, Thank Goodness!

Anyway hubby being the wonderful guy he is, to make my day he decides to tackle a DIY project alone to surprise me. Some shelves for our bedroom closet, what can I say I got a lotta shoes.

Well when I get home the surprise was on me....he had used his wood shaving/grinding tool in the house...IN OUR BEDROOM!! There was dust all over my newly cleaned furniture, bedding, clothing, you get the was. everywhere! Oh and Cam is having some tummy troubles so between doing laundry, dusting, sweeping, cooking for kids (positive to this is I am so busy I'm not even hungry), I get to change icky diapers and then run down 2 flights of stairs to put them in the garbage. We have one of those air tight automatic opening/closing garbage cans but I can guarantee it won't hold this odor in even with febreze scented garbage bags in it.

So while my kids are clean, fed, and watching Umi Zoomi I have a whole 30 secs to myself to check some emails and hey even write a blog post. If you are wondering how this Superwoman does it all while staying sane.... I will tell you the secret......having a Grandma who makes BIG batches of Coqui (spanish egg nog) and is very generous with her Rum! Thank You Na-na..Besos

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If it's not one's another!

Sorry for the looooooong break there but as usual life gets in the way of doing fun stuff, like writing. The holidays have come and gone and they were good. Anytime spent with family is good in my book. Nothing new going on here except this Friday I will be having oral surgery (finally). I have 2 impacted wisdom teeth, a molar that needs to come out since 1 of my wisdom teeth has pushed in to it so badly the dentist can't save it and 2 wisdom teeth not exposed thru the gum line yet but under the gums they are still sideways so they have to potential to mess up the teeth next to them. I will also need an implant where the molar is. I am crazy nervous even though I am doing sedation I am worried it won't work on me. Then again most days I am in so much pain I don't care how they get it out as long as the pain stops and I can stop taking Advil like I have stock options in the company!

Oh one thing I didn't mention was we had our "honeymoon" to Puerto Rico in January! It was AWESOME!!! Great weather the whole time. The resort was beautiful (EL San Juan resort and casino), the staff was great, and the kids behaved the whole time at Grandma and Grandpa's house so no complaints. I don't like flying and I was probably incredibly annoying to hubby but he was a good sport and only asked me to shut up about twice. I made sure to take lots of pics and as soon as life becomes boring/mundane I look at them and remember the great peaceful relaxing time we had and all is right with the world again :-)

Now maybe I will take those pics with me to the dentist on Friday..................wish me lots of luck!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birthdays and Holidays.

So if you know me IRL you know my b-day and lil bit's birthday is next Tuesday. I am excited cause hubby got a babysitter and he will be taking me out to dinner and a movie. Since lil bit <strike>stole</strike> graced us with her presence on my Birthday it has become more of her day so it's nice hubs wants to do something just for me which mean we will be going to a seafood restaurant.

This year (like most) I try to be done with gift shopping, wrapping, shipping, and even cards before my birthday but this year I am a little behind. Everything is mostly done but considering I started end of October I should be completely done. Oh well at least we got our tree up, even if it is missing half the ornaments now (funny only the ones that are lil bits height), I figured out what to get my boss...when you work for millionaires shopping can be stressful! I mean seriously what don't they have and if they don't have it, I probably can't afford it for them.

I was a little sad that I ordered a cute lil Christmas dress for lil bit and last minute it was canceled. Those are the chances you take when you shop at some discount sites, they can run out of inventory before marking it sold out on their site. So now on top of still needing to do Santa pics I have to find a dress for lil bit. Oh well at least everyone else has their outfit. I am not looking forward to heading to a mall after thanksgiving but since I got a groupon for a session at a mall near by I just gotta suck it up and do it! Wish me luck :-)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who is the worst blogger in the world?

Yup that would be me!! I have to be honest, it's mainly because I don't know the tone to take with this blog. I had a blog before but mainly it was to rant and rave about our ex landlords...who we are more than thrilled to be away from and now have a wonderful landlord who funny enough is a renter too so he gets it.

Actually when he told us that it got my wheels turning. I think that would be a great idea for us. We could buy a relatively cheap condo in another area (our area is why too expensive as far as taxes go) but we we could stay here and enjoy the perks of this area for what our neighbors pay in taxes per year :-)

I know that sounds dumd to some but truth be told we don't know where we want to live. Half the time we want to go back to NY where we have support. We were also on the verge of buying in PA where you can get major land to go with your house for about 1/4 the prices in NJ. We came to Jersey to be close to hubby's job except he was laid off our second year (his third semester) here...we both have jobs close by now but when I lived in NY I commuted to this area for work so I have no problem doing it again.

I miss having family and friends near by. I wish my family drove so we could plan more stuff with them. I have talked to the hubs about getting a seven passenger SUV (No offense but I am not ready for a mini van) so we can do things with my family and they would have a ride. Hubby is so not on board with this. First because for my "push present" for lil bit (baby #3's nick name after she was born, she was preemie, weighted 5lbs and was such a lil bit) was a new Nissan for me. Second, he hates SUVs and the gas they use almost 4 bucks a gallon I get it. We are close to paying it off...since we paid off all credit cards we are snowballing that money in to the car so we should be done 3 years before schedule so maybe after that we can approach the subject again. I mean we will need a new car as our 12 year old Altima will need to be replaced eventually (it does only have 89k on it and we are usually on top of maintainence so we could possible get another 100k out of it..fingers crossed while knocking on wood).

So many plans going around in my little head but still none for what to do with this blog. Oh well I guess for now I will wing it :-)