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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If it's not one's another!

Sorry for the looooooong break there but as usual life gets in the way of doing fun stuff, like writing. The holidays have come and gone and they were good. Anytime spent with family is good in my book. Nothing new going on here except this Friday I will be having oral surgery (finally). I have 2 impacted wisdom teeth, a molar that needs to come out since 1 of my wisdom teeth has pushed in to it so badly the dentist can't save it and 2 wisdom teeth not exposed thru the gum line yet but under the gums they are still sideways so they have to potential to mess up the teeth next to them. I will also need an implant where the molar is. I am crazy nervous even though I am doing sedation I am worried it won't work on me. Then again most days I am in so much pain I don't care how they get it out as long as the pain stops and I can stop taking Advil like I have stock options in the company!

Oh one thing I didn't mention was we had our "honeymoon" to Puerto Rico in January! It was AWESOME!!! Great weather the whole time. The resort was beautiful (EL San Juan resort and casino), the staff was great, and the kids behaved the whole time at Grandma and Grandpa's house so no complaints. I don't like flying and I was probably incredibly annoying to hubby but he was a good sport and only asked me to shut up about twice. I made sure to take lots of pics and as soon as life becomes boring/mundane I look at them and remember the great peaceful relaxing time we had and all is right with the world again :-)

Now maybe I will take those pics with me to the dentist on Friday..................wish me lots of luck!!


  1. Jealous that you went to Puerto Rico! We stayed at a hotel just a couple hotels down from where you stayed last year.

  2. Hi Michelle. Thanks for visiting my blog - Welcome!!