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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Spend April

Nothing new or excited here but I did want to update that I am doing a no spend April. I did a no spend July last year and it was kind of fun/kind of torturous....seeing something I really want at a great price and not being able to buy it sucked but saving the cash was cool. During my no spend July I was able to save quite a bit in our E-fund (emergency fund) so looking at that balance bought me some joy.

Anyway this month was a little trickier to do since it's Easter and My Grandma's birthday plus I had a groupon that expired in April for a massage and facial. So I did all my shopping/pampering on March 30. I got my kids the trampoline their therapists have been recommending for forever as their Easter gift, my niece and nephew their Easter baskets and Grandma her gift and I got my massage/facial/nails done on Saturday (the spend part was the tips since the groupon paid for the services). I am now ready to tackle my first 2012 no spend month.

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  1. You can do it!! I'm looking forward to your updates!